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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What the....?!

As some of the more discerning readers (if there are any left...!) may have noticed, the title of the blog has changed. To gibberish. This isn't really out of choice, but necessity. For you see, I write this blog as a hobby. It's not something I make money out of, though several opportunities have arisen since I started the blog. That's not why I do it. I just like movies, and like writing about them. It's not my job, although it'd be spiffing to be paid to watch movies. So it's something I do for the joy, and the love of movies.

But last week, I received a delightful email from the legal arm of one of the major studios, demanding I change the title of the blog, or face legal action. No 'hey, how's it going. Fair dues to you for positively reviewing some of the movies of the studio I represent, but the title of the blog is infringing on a copyright' etc etc. Just an email threatening me personally with legal action. And since I don't earn megabucks and wouldn't have a leg to stand on anyway, I've had to change the title. It's not the actual changing of the title that's bugging me, but the manner in which it was carried out. And three and a half years after the blog first appeared. Cant accuse the legal firm of not being on the ball!

I did want to change the title to '**** ****** CAN KISS MY HAIRY BEAN BAG' but I thought that might also bring the wrath. So the title is now changed. Cheerfully! As for actual content, I may get around to reposting soon. But it's been a busy year, and the cinema certainly hasn't been attracting me with mediochre to poor titles, extortionate prices and sequels, remakes and bullshit 3D. Hey-ho! That's the way the industry's going!

Oh, by the way, if the author of the other Critical Mass blog out there is reading, gimme a shout. I'd love to know if you got a similar threat! Cheers!