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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

*UPDATED* 30 Days of Night...

So here's the poster for the big screen adaptation of Steve Nile's comic book 30 Days Of Night. The story is about a town called Barrow in Alaska which experiences an entire month of darkness. A group of vampires descend on the town for a veritable feast of the townsfolk. But the town's sheriff has different ideas.

I like the way Sony are sticking to the comic-book feel with this poster. With the success of recent comic book movies, it seems that the studios are more in tune with the core audience of these adaptations.
The movie is directed by David Slade, who did a fine job with 2005's Hard Candy, and stars.... Josh Hartnett... okay, so they don't get EVERYTHING right. But it's a pretty good story and should make for a cool little film if it stays faithful to the core material. We'll be seeing this in October (US) and November (UK & Europe) of this year.


Here, courtesy of, is the teaser for 30 Days Of Night.

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