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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger 1979-2008

Today brings the sad news of the passing of actor Heath Ledger. While details of his death are speculative and not for me to comment on, what I can say is that this is a great loss. Ledger was a very talented actor with some fine roles under his belt, including his Oscar-nominated role in 2005's Brokeback Mountain, and only last year in I'm Not There. Never an actor to go for blockbuster roles, Ledger's choices in roles were always interesting and challenging. We can only speculate as to what great performances he'd have delivered in the future.

A great loss for film fans everywhere.


teehanwolf said...

pity to hear about heath dying. He was really starting to establish a great career for himself.

Karl Hungus said...

Seriously sad news. I was very shocked when I heard about it. He will be missed.