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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

30 Days of Night clip

So here's a clip from from the forthcoming adaptation of Steve Niles' comic book, 30 Days Of Night. Now, I'm no huge fan of vampires, especially the way Buffy made the undead bloodsuckers 'sexy.' But this comic is different, and a pretty good read (despite what I just wrote, I did read 30 Days of Night!). David Slade's (director of the excellent Hard Candy) film looks very good. And faithful to the source comic. Expect this in October in the US and November on this side of the Atlantic.


Kenneth said...

Great clip. How did you embed the video into the blog post? That's something I'd like to do on my blog.

Anyway, definetly looking forward to this.

Kenneth said...

Oh, thanks for the comment, and for linking me. I've put up a link to you in return.