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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Am... curious...

I'll admit it, I was a little annoyed when I found out I Am Legend was going to be a Will Smith movie. The screenplay for this film, adapted from the Richard Matheson book, had been floating around the net for years, stuck in development hell, with rumors springing up sporadically that the film was going ahead with everyone from The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ridley Scott to Johnny Depp involved. But now it's a Smith movie, and after the debacle that was I, Robot, I dreaded another stinkfest. But this trailer looks interesting. It looks like it could be a good movie. Director Francis Lawrence didn't exactly set the world alight with his previous effort, Constantine (which, as it happens, I liked!), but Matheson is one of the great sci-fi writers of... any time, so if the film remains faithful to the book (despite it being set in modern day, and not the 1970's like the novel) it should, SHOULD be decent enough.

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